About Us

TRUE LATVIA was made to express real inspiration, real love and trust  to Latvian design and amazing beauty to the things which are made by the talented Latvian designers.

Possibly we live in the most creative country in the world. The aim of TRUE LATVIA is to unite the best and the most talented designers of Latvian products: to unite their brands, their works. The Embassy of Latvian Design would be the place to meet both-Latvian design and its user; the designer and the customer.

Why TRUE and real design?

Because Latvian design and designers are full of creative ideas and energy. They admire the beauty around, work with enthusiasm and try to fulfill their dreams. Their works represent enjoyable shape, lines and materials. Handwork, inherited craft, skills, uniqueness and true quality make their works excellent. Latvian design is often based on nature, traditions and skills. Latvian design includes genuine values and beauty; it is various and true in its simplicity. Latvian designers and their intelligence, ideas, skills and heart are the main values.

We, TRUE LATVIA, the embassy of Latvian design, are for genuine Latvian design. We tell and show the world how rich, amazing and full of creativity it is.