Addressing Common Router Issues

Gone are the day of the wires and having to shout at someone to get off the computer so that you could make a call or vice versa. The introduction of wireless routers have changed internet use as we know it. Now everyone is connected all the time via multiple devices, even our televisions are now connected. It is safe to say that things have become more convenient for now than ever. However, it isn’t always a perfect story.

It is also common in all households to hear the occasional complaining about how the internet is working slowly and how they should change it. A lot of people end up changing their ISPs or changing their routers before fully investigating the cause of their connectivity issues or slow internet usage. There are a number of common problems when it comes to or routers which we will be addressing below. You can click here to look up reviews for various wireless routers.

One of the reasons behind why your router is not working efficiently or slowly is because there might be too many devices connected to it. The hardware of the router, when given too much load overtime tends to decrease in performance because of it. Sometimes the router’s lifespan is shortened or close to its end as well because of which it might be causing troubles.

In case you have a lot of dead spots in your working or living space, there could be a problem in your routers position. If your router is placed next to other devices and/or in a corner, its range is affected greatly. Placing your router at a certain height in an area away from other devices to prevent signal interference can end up increasing your router’s range as well. You can also add a Wi-Fi booster as well for an even better performance.