Are Air Mattresses a Good Option?

Normal mattresses are not the only option available, there are a lot of funky options that you can get if you want something that is a little bit different. Water beds, for example, can be a great option simple because they are a lot of fun to lie down on. The swaying motion can lull you to sleep, and having something like this in your home is just generally considered to be cool so this is a good way to increase social capital as well. Think of how cool your date would think of you being when you show her that you have a water bed in your home!

The problem here is that water beds are not a good option for people with back problems. For such people, air mattresses are probably going to be the smarter way to go. After all, these mattresses are a lot firmer than ones that are filled with water. In fact, in a lot of ways they can be even more supportive of your lumbar structure and spine than firm regular mattresses because the air inside them would make them stiff and unyielding!

This makes them perfect for a lot of people, and can allow you to buy some out of the box products even if you do have some back problems that you might be dealing with. Hence, you should really consider buying yourself a king size air mattress. This would give you a lot of space to move around, and if you have someone that sleeps with you on a regular basis you can allow them to lie down next to you as well, thus allowing you a lot more versatility than a regular sized air mattress. Just make sure you buy something high quality.