Complaints About Patriot Power Greens

Supplements are products that are used by everyone everywhere but there are different kinds of supplement and each target different age, circle of people etc. The supplement that is in focus today in the article is called Patriot Power Greens and it targets old people; people a50 years old or above. When a person starts getting old, he/she can feel his/her body slowly disintegrating and developing problems that were never there before. All of the illnesses that develop are alarming and affect the body in many disturbing ways which renders the body useless.

It is said that supplements are the best bet when it comes to solving problems of the old age but we need to remember that they are just supplements and not meals that can provide full nutrition. Many people rely solely on supplements and do not take care of their diet which is wrong because supplements are products which are used to just provide additional nutrition to the body.

One of the best supplements for old people is Patriot Power Greens and is produced by Patriot Health Alliance. The supplements promises all kinds of different things like it makes the skin younger, increases energy and libido, decreases weight, controls all blood sugar problems, decreases pain in the body and much more. Even though the product delivers on most of its promises, there are still patriot greens complaints given by the consumers.

Does Not Fulfill All Promises

According to many reviews, the supplement did not provide all the effects it promises which means that it works to a certain limit.

Does Not Work At All

Many people have complained that the supplement did not work at all and produced zero results.

Bad Customer Service

It has been noticed that the company does not focus on customer service at all.