Different Types of Kayaks

Since there are so many kayaks, a newbie would never know the right kind of kayak so it is necessary that you know all the different types before you go out to purchase one. If you end buying the wrong kind of kayak then you would not be able to go kayaking which would be a waste and if you do, there is a chance that you suffer some kind of damage.There are many popular kayak brands that you can look up online and each brand provides different kinds of kayaks that offer different features.

Recreational Kayak
This is the kayak that you can mostly see in adventure parks or is used by companies who offer a one-time kayaking to their clients. If you are new to kayaking and only plan on doing it in calm waters then this kayak is for you as it is not expensive and is pretty stable when you start out in the water. Some of these kayaks have a compact storage area but others have bigger ones. Usually, a recreational kayak is 10 to 12 feet long and has a wide cockpit. The only problem that you might have with this kayak is that if it flips over, it can cause a problem as it is quite heavy and cannot track.

Touring Kayak
If you wish to travel in rough conditions and love the open waters then this is the kayak you need as it is designed to be used for long days. They offer better safety options, more storage area and include compartments that trap the air which can be very useful if the kayak gets filled with water. They are quite long and the hull and tracking system is made for facing harsh waves.