Here is A Brief Introduction to Australia’s Best Mining or Construction Equipment Company; Dual Valves

Dual Valves is a huge company in Australia that is responsible for providing a wide range of slurry valves and other associated products. The also represent a few service providers and are representatives and agents for many ranges such as the HYDROCORE, DUAL products Intl, Hyrdromine projects, eDart Slurry Valves, etc.


This company is not only widely representing but is also very credible and meets all the necessary qualifications. They are certified by the SGS Systems & Services Pty Ltd Certification for service and the supply of valves and associated products.

Numerous Robust Products

From Hydromine control valves of supporting up to 250bar of pressure to air valves that can release the air built up in pipes of slurry flow, excess flow shut down which closes down when the differential pressure in the valve exceeds the valve, IT Relief Valve which provides lubrication for the sealing surfaces and prevents any wear and tear from taking place, strong couplings for jointing pipes, slurry poppet samplers to collect samples of minerals for mining, and many more products like that.

Asia Pacific

Dual Valves is the exclusive agent in the Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific region for eDart Valves, Dual Products International and Hydromine Projects. They have been serving this region through many different faces and all those combined experience adds up to over 30 decades of service providing.

Not just the length of service but all the construction companies and mining contractors and all the big names have used their products. It is completely safe and sound to use as the quality never gives up on the field.

You can contact them at their website at or visit them in Western Australia or just call them up!