Services Provided by Novatron

Novatron is based in Forrest field which is not too far from Perth. In the region, the supply of clean water has been an issue for quite a long time. Many farmers in the area are distracted by the hurdle of no fresh water available and are eagerly searching for solutions along with other people who live in the area and are also looking for a viable solution to the problem.

The overwhelming demand of water filters derived out of issues in the region. Novatron was always there to help. Novatron provides water desalination equipment in Perth up to date and has been doing it for a while now.

There are techniques that have been utilized for years to clean your water of which the best one is reverse osmosis. Their team has all the knowledge regarding this process. Pollution and dissolved salts are separated from water that leaves water clean and purified on the other end.

With time, the company has grown and adopted new technologies such as the nanofiltrations system. This method is only suggested to those who do not require a lot of water to be filtered: only useful for individuals who require clean water for drinking. Micro-pollutants and multivalent ions are separated from the water with the help of a nanofiltration membrane. The approach is usually used with surface water and ground water that comprise fewer amounts of total dissolved solids.

Most companies after providing their customers with equipment do not follow up with the maintenance. However, Novatron is a different organization. They highly take customer satisfaction is regard when it comes to their services since the filter membrane requires to be cleaned on monthly basis.

Don’t shy away to ask for help even if you haven’t purchased your water system from them since they’ll help you no matter what. Dial now +61 8 9352 8100.