The 10th Anniversary Of The Golden Temple Vellore

The golden temple of Vellore opened its gates for the countless devotees who visit this place everyday back in 2007, and August 26 this year it would be their tenth anniversary, and if you are aware of the regular number of devotees who visit this place, you can really make an estimation about the number of people that would turn to the Sripuram Golden Temple Vellore, Vellore is an important of the state Tamil Nadu and it has many popular destinations and tourist attractions, but none more so than this amazing gold monument.

If you haven’t visited this place yet and you plan to do so, then you must do so in the festival days, the rush and effort would be immense but it would all be worth it, but if you are someone who doesn’t really want all of that rush and all then it will advisable that you avoid going to places like these, because these festival are a huge thing in India, and more people than you think would head to this place, the timing, rules and regulations and all is provided at

The most amazing fact about this temple is that it was built in just seven years, seven years would seem a long duration but if you just see the pictures you would be astonished about how it was completed in just seven years, there is vast construction and delicate gold work involved, the crown of this temple is one of the most finest among the temples in India, the intricate art work adds to its beauty as it shines in pure gold and that is such an amazing site to witness, so if you are planning a visit to Tamil Nadu make sure that you visit this temple as well.