Types of Surgical Techniques Offered by The Best New Jersey Spine Surgeon

Dr. Joshua S. Rovner is one of the best and most qualified, if not overqualified, New Jersey spine surgeon out there in the United States of America. He is not only known for the degree he holds but mainly the different methods of recovery that he offers which are very low on the invasive scale that might not even require a surgery. He is licensed to perform surgeries in the states of New Jersey and New York.

Robotic Spine Surgery

How this amazing new technology works is that it provides a very small scale precision which is almost impossible to achieve when performing it completely manually. Dr. Rovner uses Mazor Renaissance Robot technology which is one of the most advanced in its field.

Laser Spine Surgery

Instead of going about your traditional understanding of spinal cord surgeries where you would ideally make an incision to open up the back of a person in order to perform surgeries to cut out whatever the problem is, laser surgery does that without invading this way.

Disc Replacement Surgery

Dr. Rovner also performs disc replacement surgeries which are quite common and in demand. As the name suggests, your discs in the lower spine are replaced using artificial discs if your disc is damaged or due to any other possible reasons.

Lumbar Spinal Fusion

This type of surgery is a little invasive and requires removal of your disc, either partial or complete, depending on your situation. Dr. Rovner is known to be the best in this era, inserting bone grafts in your now-emptied area below the spine.

There are many more other methods of surgeries available that Dr. Rovner offers which are mainly non-invasive. You can check out the several other methods available on his website.